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Our services include the creation of start-ups upon request. We have been engaged in these activities for quite a long time and know the smallest details and pitfalls of the process. We know that launching a large web project involves huge financial, temporal and moral investment. We have our vision, through which the projects are carried out on time, meet all the stated requirements and solve the customer’s problems.

Our strenghts

Confidence in our actions
Ability to solve any problems

We have extensive experience in creating web projects of any complexity, such as aggregator websites, social networks, banking systems, geo services, apps and more. More than half of our portfolio consists precisely of those sites, and all of them are currently effective tools for productive business.


Even if the project involves the best minds in their field, the deadlines may be missed, and the result may turn out not as you would like it to be. This occurs due to flawed logical processes of implementing the project. Unlike our competitors, we understand how important this is. We have created two models of project development, which are used depending on the customer's preferences and type of work: a waterfall type is used in the development of standard projects, while agile type is used for the implementation of massive solutions and start-ups.

Always in touch

Our goal is a long-term partnership with each customer, so we are ready to follow our product throughout its lifetime: improve, update and support it.

We create a quality product

We are not looking for bugs the day before deadline. We eradicate them throughout the development process. For this, we use the means of code check and pair programming. We take the product safety and performance very seriously.

Saving your money is our challenge

Customers want to launch their start-ups as soon as possible. To do this, we help launch the project with a minimum viability (Minimal Viable Product) and modify it after the launch based on consumer reaction. We help those who choose this format of work with advice on which necessary functionality is best to create at once, and which can be done after the launch.

Development Process


Agile development is the most effective method used in the development of large non-standard projects.

For each project, a team of developers is formed, and they are then constantly in close contact with the customer. The entire workflow is divided into small iterations (sprints) that usually last 2 weeks.

With the start of each iteration, the developers together with the customer draw up a work plan for the near future and report on the work done at the end of each stage.

Especially large and technically complex projects usually begin with "zero iteration", which includes business modeling and creation of the most complex parts of the code.


  • At the beginning of each iteration, you can make adjustments to the working process by prioritizing the functions;
  • You don’t need to prepare detailed technical specifications. You will need to describe the desired outcome in general terms, and the details will be specified during the working process;
  • During some sprints (iterations), the analytical process is carried out, which results in improving the previous results. This allows to make the final product more supportable and scalable and improve its quality;
  • Each sprint includes testing of future functionality;
  • At the end of each sprint, the customer will accept the final programmed and composed a part of the product;
  • The customer has access to completely transparent monitoring of the development team;
  • The rate is lower than in other models because it does not cover risks and differences in the understanding of technical specifications.


  • We cannot set the exact deadlines, the price of work and functionality prior to the start of our work. If we fix the budget and deadlines, the functionality developed within a fixed period is subject to change. If we fix functionality, then deadlines and budget can be changed under the influence of the current development process.


The rate for our work in this format will be $32 per hour.

Cooperation is conducted in full compliance with the approved task, and the cost and deadlines are firmly fixed.


  • You will know the deadlines and price of the work before it starts.


  • Any change in the working process not specified before it starts is to be implemented only subject to increasing the payment and deadlines of the work;
  • The cost-effectiveness of the business model can only be assessed after the start of the project;
  • The hourly rate is higher because it covers the risks assumed by the developer.


The rate for the work using this model will be $49 per hour

Our Technologies

Languages and Frameworks

  • PHP-Stack: PHP, Yii 1/2, Laravel, CodeIgniter
  • Node-Stack: Node.JS


  • RDBMS: MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • NoSQL: MongoDB, Redis


  • Memcache
  • Redis

Search Engines

  • Sphinx
  • Elastic Search


  • HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Jquery, JqueryUI
  • AngularJS, Backbone.js, Bootstrap
  • Grunt, Gulp, Webpack
  • SVG
  • Less, Stylus, SASS(SCSS)
  • Responsive design


  • Corporate: Joomla, WordPress, Drupal
  • E-commerce: Open Cart, Magento
  • Social Network: Social Engine, PhpFox, Dolphin


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